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At Spicers we’re very proud of our reputation as New Zealand’s most environmentally friendly paper merchant. We walk the talk on sustainability across all aspects of our business, from our unrivalled range of environmentally certified products to our sustainable office fit-out.

We’re the only paper merchant in New Zealand to have Enviro-Mark Gold certification under New Zealand’s leading environmental management certification programme. We were also the first supplier in New Zealand to get PEFC™ and FSC® chain of custody accreditation, allowing us to stock papers with these strict guaranteed-origin labels.

Spicers NZ operates four branches throughout New Zealand, with our core business as Distributors: importing and on-selling Paper and Board products, Industrial Packaging, Sign and Display Media and providing Third Party Logistics Management to our customers. Together with our parent company, Spicers NZ is committed to responsible environmental management and we have put practical measures in place to ensure we minimise that impact.

  • We are committed to recycling and managing our waste properly
  • We support forestry certifications that are socially beneficial and viable through our Chain-of-Custody certifications
  • We reduce our carbon footprint by seeking compliance with a variety of ongoing, positive initiatives

Some of our partners’ sustainability measures include:

  • Using certified forest fibre
  • Finding alternative renewable energy sources
  • Reducing chemical, energy and water usage and effluent
  • Manufacturing products that contain recycled content

Across New Zealand, we work hard to ensure that our product range continues to meet the changing needs of our customers, with minimal impact on the environment.

As a merchant business, managing over 30,000 square metres of warehouse space and delivering over 50,000 tonnes of product to thousands of customers each year, our main sustainability focus is on improving our supply chain.

A copy of our Environmental Policy and Performance is available on request, contact marketing@spicersnz.co.nz