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Digital print

Today’s digital market must be nimble enough to deliver quick and innovative solutions.

At Spicers we meet your digital media needs promptly and creatively; when our clients’ say ‘jump’, we say ‘how high?’

We provide digital stocks to cater for those one-of-a-kind ideas that require unique finishes and colours, along with grades that live up to the performance you require – technically and visually.

Extensive textures expand your options… If you’re feeling it, we have linen, felt, laid and ultra smooth. If edgy is what you have in mind, we have metallic and black boards. When function is your priority, synthetic, magnetic, polyester and translucent options will do the trick. Recycled options are a match for those with environmental concerns and of course we offer coated and uncoated papers and boards when you need a good workhorse.

Our grades are tried and true, with almost all ticking the Toner or Indigo approved boxes with many grades especially developed to equip specialised machinery with reliable products.

 Suffice to say, Spicers has got it all.

Chances are - if you want it, we have it.