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At Spicers we believe not only in the power of ideas, but in bringing ideas to life. We are inspired to make ideas happen, and to grow them into practical and impactful solutions.

As part of a Spicers Limited, we have access to an incredibly wide range of products from worldwide proven and sustainable suppliers. http://www.spicerslimited.com.au

We’ve been servicing people’s paper needs in New Zealand for almost 100 years, but maintain a strong international identity with operations in Australia and Asia. As a part of the Australian merchanting company, we also enjoy the backing of a solid infrastructure, united by a common set of values, core operating principles and our code of conduct. And every day we go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy our thousands of customers.

As business moves into diversified products, we have aligned resource levels and skill to this changing orientation, by expanding our service offering to include Sign and Display substrates, Industrial Packaging Consumables, Consulting and Third Party Logistics (3PL). With our exceptional service model already in place amongst the printing industry for supplying paper, adding new products to this has been a seamless transition but allows us to further assist our customers in bringing their ideas to life.

We are big believers in leading by example: in everything we do, the impact on our environment is always taken into consideration; our FSC, PEFC, Enviromark and Environmental Choice certifications are examples that we continue to manage environmental initiatives that impact our operational footprint. Here at Spicers we believe that sustainable development creates value for all our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees and investors.

In 2012, we acquired Canterbury Packaging Supplies (now CPS) in Christchurch. A strong regional player with a proud local history, Canterbury Packaging provided us with our first step in our long term strategy of diversification. http://www.cpsonline.co.nz . Since late 2012, our Packaging presence has expanded to our wider regional sites to include Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin.

More recently, we have just acquired New Zealand's foremost sign industry supplier, Total Supply. Committed to delivering quality, cost effective products and service, they endeavour to supply everything a sign company needs to be at the cutting edge of technology, while delivering upon a policy of excellence in all they do. http://www.totalsupply.co.nz