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Spicers is proud to be actively involved in the community, and we’re currently working with the following charities:

WWF New Zealand – we have a long standing relationship with WWF NZ and one of the ways we help this not-for-profit organisation is through our 9lives brand. For every tonne of 9lives paper sold we donate $20 to WWF to further help protect our unique and precious environment. Keep up with our progress and find out how you can help at www.9livesfund.org.nz

First Foundation – through this relationship, we work to help achieve an important objective – building a better future for New Zealand’s most talented, but financially disadvantaged youth. Find out more about the amazing work of First Foundation at www.firstfoundation.co.nz  

Books in Homes – in partnership with Soar Printing, we provide paper to be used for producing books which go to schools to help break the cycle of “booklessness”. Kids who can’t read become adults who can’t communicate and that’s a serious disadvantage in a world that operates in the written word. Check out www.booksinhomes.org.nz

Paper Donations – Spicers regularly donates paper and card to our preschools and primary schools throughout New Zealand, helping to keep the rising cost of materials down, while encouraging a love for craft, creativity and the medium we’ve trusted and loved for so many years. To find out if your school is on the register please contact sales@spicersnz.co.nz with the subject heading “paper donations”

Each year we also get our staff nationwide to vote on a charity or organisation to throw our support behind for that year. Previous years have included:

NZ Cancer Society – each year we get our staff and their families together and take part in the 18 hour fundraising event ‘Relay for Life’ at locations throughout New Zealand. Relay for Life is a chance to celebrate cancer survivors and caregivers; remember loved ones lost to cancer; and fight back by raising awareness and funds to support the work of the Cancer Society. Visit www.relayforlife.org.nz to find out more.

NZ Coastguard – As a proud boating and fishing country, New Zealander's love the water - and the Royal New Zealand Coastguard Inc (Coastguard NZ) places an important part in ensuring our safety while out on the water having fun. As the primary provider of search and rescue services to New Zealand boaties, Coastguard NZ is dedicated to saving lives at Sea.

Spicers NZ is proud to sponsor the Coastguard Hibiscus Unit in their fantastic work; if you'd like to know more about the Coastguard and how you can help them too please check out their website http://www.coastguard.co.nz

Eat My Lunch – The more we hear about children in other countries who go hungry, the easier it is to forget about the 1 in 4 children right here in New Zealand who live in poverty and go without lunch every day.

Eat My Lunch was started to make it easy for Kiwis to help other Kiwis. With the help of award-winning chef Michael Meredith, the aim is to alleviate a nationwide issue by creating a change through something as routine as eating lunch. Eat My Lunch is so passionate about this initiative that they started by making the lunches in their home kitchen. Buy one lunch for yourself, and another one will be sent to a child right here in New Zealand who can’t afford their own.